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Restless amidst the shroud of indecency
a subliminal persuasive oppressor conceals its being
Thoughtlessly pestilent is this foundation
Manifested by the weakness of this populace
Ever growing and consumptive
The ties of adequate commerce
divided as a schism
A void in progression halts liberty
The system "provides" and we abide as drones
We the provisional sculptures abide
Without question we nourish this gluttonous beast
Depriving being of evolutionary expansion
Intelligence to dust. Knowledge forever shunned in the crevice ignorance.

We the people raped and blinded by the sights of our
consumer desires
Bleeding our terrestrial sphere of resources
The harvesters , the providers of the final implosion
When the monotonous hum of war plagues our impotent skyscapes
We work away our lives sluggishly, we work our hands to the bone
Festering in the trash we mechanically actualize
Festering in our creations of nothing with which we feel a sense of satisfaction.

And we continuously carry ourselves along with the winds of governmental
order. The people, the spineless shreds that ascend with this fucking bullshit master plan.

What is it that truly governs our lives? These petty materials that aid our greed?
These fucking meaningless objects that strip our existence of any meaningful "essence"?
Drawn in by the perfect advertisement, The perfect announcement
Where are bits and pieces of false happiness control our day to day investments.
Rendering ourselves the divine voiceless machines.
I simply refuse to be the perfect glutton, I can no longer consider myself a manufactured tool.


from THE DESTRUCTIVE COGNITION OF MAN, released December 31, 2006



all rights reserved


EVOLUTION OF DISCORD Torrance, California

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